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Every company has a story. It is ours.

CodeGhost is a team of creative designers, experienced developers, and SEO experts, transforming your web ideas into a stunning modern website. We offer website design and development services like business websites, eCommerce websites, and also search engine optimization (SEO).

Devang Patel Founder Code Ghost Design

Destiny takes you everywhere

Devang Patel Founder Code Ghost Design

Destiny takes you everywhere

Hi, I’m Devang Patel, founder of CodeGhost. I started this company in 2013.

But it all started in 2012. I went to Bengaluru for a diploma in HRM. One day, I saw my hostel roommate designing a website for his college project. That was the first time I came to know how websites work.

After coming back to Ahmedabad, I started learning how to code during my free time. I used to spend hours reading tutorials on W3Schools. It took me almost a year learning, and I developed my first website named YuvaRebel. It was a social networking website built on the PHP framework. I managed to reach a good number of active users, and that made me quite famous for a while. I got interviewed by newspapers, radio stations, and news channels. I got a few web design projects because of articles in local newspapers like Ahmedabad Mirror.

So in 2013, I registered my web design company as YuvaRebel. And later, I renamed my company to CodeGhost.

When I began learning to code, it was just a hobby. I did not think that I will start my own web design company someday.

As I always say, “Destiny takes you everywhere.”